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A concierge approach to talent acquisition


Create an ideal profile for your hire including targeted companies, profile type, compensation parameters, work history, education, certification, accolades, location and cultural fit

Canvas the industry for all talent

(active and passive) within the target.

We attract the top candidates with highlighting the opportunity.

Conduct formal interviews, Rank candidates against ideal profile, Create scorecard of
candidate as a match, Present short list of best graded fits

Manage process and interest , Create detailed feedback, Manage Time frame, Adjust Profile
and set expectations on both sides.


Broker offer and Onboard

TD Search Partners builds a customized strategic plan for executing a hiring process to ultimately help find the best available talent to match your growing company.

TD Search Partners becomes an extension of your team. You acquire the ‘best in class” talent with a
streamlined start-to-finish process.
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